"I was given support from staff and gained confidence."

Courses: Yr10 Programme


This programme provides the opportunity for Year 10 learners to attend work based learning one day a week.

From a range of vocational areas available learners are asked to choose 3 in which they are interested. They spend 6-7 weeks completing a "taster" in each chosen area. At the end of the third vocational area they are asked to choose just one taster as their specialism and work towards gaining a Level 1 or Level 2 qualification.

Learners attend for one day a week during Year 10.

Course Content
There is the expectation that once learners have completed their inhouse induction they will move on to an external placement to develop and enhance the skills needed.

Sept - Oct - first choice of vocational area
Oct - Dec - second choice of vocational area
Jan - Feb - third choice of vocational area
Feb - July - specialist vocational area chosen

Vocational Areas