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Case Study: MatthewDated: 30/06/2014

Matthew started in April 2013 as a Business and Administration Advanced Apprentice. Matthew began as a Data Entry Assistant and wanted to branch out and go into Business and Administration as there would be more opportunities available to him. Matthew began working with Barnardo's, Palmersville Training, in November 2011. He worked hard to gain and complete his Business Administration level 2, then progressed onto his level 3 and completed this within a year.

Matthew works at Heel and Toe, a charity which provide free conductive education therapy to children with cerebral palsy. They also provide specialist Occupational Therapy , Physiotherapy and speech and language services. Matthew's job role varies from day to day and can include spreadsheets, supporting finance, running and managing reception, training new staff, ordering stock and ensuring all checks are carried out within the building.

Matthew feels it really helped that he completed his level 2 first as this gave him the steps to progress onto level 3. "I am really proud of all my NVQ work".

Matthew feels that now he has his level 2 and 3 completed, if he had to look for a new job, he would have relevant qualifications to support him. Matthew hopes to progress into management and further his career within Heel and Toe.

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