"'The beauty course has taught me lots of new skills, the salon in the training centre means I can do treatments on clients under supervision of my tutor.'"


Keeping children and young people safe is an integral part of Barnardo's work.

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to ensure the safety of young people in all circumstances.

Safeguarding means;

  • The creation of a culture in which young people are valued and their
    right to be safe is upheld.
  • The management of risk to minimise circumstances where harm may
    befall young people using Barnardo's services and the services of the
    organisations we work in partnerships with.
  • Where there are concerns about young people's welfare, Barnardo's
    services take all appropriate actions to address those concerns, working
    to agreed local policies and procedures in full partnership with local

Our policy and guidance is regularly updated and is based on and compatible with national guidance.